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Clinton Would Beat Giuliani by 68 Electoral Votes


Hillary Clinton holds leads in some key battleground states that John Kerry lost in 2004. These states are Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri. Clinton also protects the states Kerry won making her electoral vote total to 303 to 235 for Rudy Giuliani.

In 2004, John Kerry was able to get 49.23% of the vote in Iowa but lost by the slimmest of margins to George Bush. But the latest Research 2000 poll taken in November 2007 shows Clinton would take the state over Rudy Giuliani in convincing fashion, 48% to 40%. Iowa holds 7 electoral votes.

Then there's Missouri and it 11 electoral votes. The Research 2000 poll taken in mid-November 2007 shows Clinton winning this state by 8%, 47% to 39%. Kerry lost 53% to 46%.

Finally, there's Virginia and its 13 electoral votes that John Kerry lost in 2004; 53.7% to 45.5%. But the latest Survey USA poll taken in mid-October shows Clinton making the state competitive and beating Giuliani 47% to 46%, within the margin of error.

A total of 31 electoral votes that went to Bush in 2004 would go to Clinton against a hypothetical matchup against Giuliani. So this should dispel any concerns as to whether she is electable or not.

david charles terrDavid Terr
Ph.D. Math; Berkeley

"Polls with a Clinton Twist."



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